Weekend sessions 

Everything else can wait. Today its all about the music. Tomorrow its all about the music. Monday 6 am I will jump back on the work train but until my alarm clock sounds, I am all yours, music... I promise its music and only music this weekend. We are getting close but it has been a long road since we officially started recording earlier this year. Today I was sitting at the console getting my feet wet in Pro Tools. Today we recorded some electric guitar overdubs for a song called She Kneels. Dann was using his friend Vince Tiburcio's MXR Submachine Gun pedal. It sounded amazing. Thanks Vince. I've learned that guitar pedals are to guitar players like shoes are to Lisa Bodnar. We cannot ever have enough.... more on that another time... Thanks for reading and listening. XOXO

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Because we are all gonna get through this "Come Hell or High Water"